Portsmouth and possibly other games

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Portsmouth and possibly other games

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The clubs has introduced a system for the Portsmouth game of only being able to buy at the ground due to the risk of away fans buying home tickets. I could see this happening with other games eg Luton

Like some others I come a considerably distance and coming to the ground to buy an advance ticket is simply not feasible.

Can I ask that consideration is given to a system whereby those with a previous purchase history can buy tickets by phone or internet? Not only does this make it fare on fans from a far but also strikes me as more effective given that Portsmouth or Luton are likely to have considerable London based support who could come to the ground to buy them,.
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Re: Portsmouth and possibly other games

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Have you phoned the club and asked if you can buy over the phone?
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Re: Portsmouth and possibly other games

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Edd1. You raise an interesting point and we'll be happy to raise it with the club at our next meeting. Can I ask would it not be possible for you to buy the tickets when you are next at The Hive? Also, just for trying to think of ways to get round this situation, are you a Barnet FC member?