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Re: Underhill Memories

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hoofer2 wrote:Another memorable cup game for the wrong reason was an FA Cup qualifying round vs Leatherhead.

This was the game when poor Steve Humphries knee snapped right in front of where I was standing
near the old tea hut. His cries of pain were chilling as was the sound of the snap.

I believe we were leading 4-0 when Gary Abbott had to assume goalkeeping duties. We just held
on for a 4-3 win.
Yeah, remember that - didn't the ambulance have to come on to the pitch? Definitely the worst injury I have seen at Underhill, though when Lincoln thugs (the on-the-pitch ones) took out Johnny Marge' in 87/88 that was pretty nasty.

That Lincoln game has a few memories for me... first game of the season, they'd just come down and both their fans and players decided to say hello to non-league football by smashing the place up. We played them off the park, it was a sweet victory. Their keeper, the hirsute and plump Nigel Batch did a classic airkick to give Sir Nick a tap-in in a 4-2 win, Lincoln bundled in their 2 by exploiting the 'no-offsides-from-freekicks' experimental law that I'll always maintain cost that Barnet team promotion... Lincoln's ogres must have scored many a goal from just bundling the keeper and ball into the net that season :grrr:
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Re: Underhill Memories

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hoppy wrote:Now, I'm not a vindictive person. I am really quite a peace-loving chap.But one Underhill memory that stays with me was when that drunken idiot from Ilkeston climbed on to the roof of the covering that was behind the bottom goal and fell through it landing on the terraces below.Such was the awful violence and hooliganism of the Ilkeston "fans" that I really hoped that this idiot would never walk again. Sadly (God only knows how) he somehow got up and staggered off, no doubt to cause more mayhem. Our superb players somehow contrived to lose that FA Trophy game and if I remember correctly Ilkeston played Enfield in the following round and their "fans" caused as much havoc in that game as they did at Underhill.
Have you ever been to Ilkeston? That was them on their best behaviour. The video of that incident was used by Bob Mills to comedic effect.

Other memories. Neanderthal Craig Brabin squaring up to Paul "psycho" Wilson only for Wilse to laugh in in his face and prod him on the nose. In another match, Wilse booting a streaker up the arse.

A cat deciding to enter the pitch and run the length of the touch line.

24 seconds in to the Man City match....

Down to 9 and demolished by Grazioli.

The thrill of seeing us start the 93-94 season against Hull (1-2 loss, Alan Walker header). Alan Walker being stretchered to an ambulance and waving to the fans on the way (another game).

Kelly Haag being our top scorer for a season. I wish I could forget that.

Gordon Strachan's goal from a Vinny Jones lay off in the Gary Phillips testimonial.

Glenn Hoddle playing on our hallowed turf in a friendly.

Getting knocked out by a loose ball in a warm up and waking up to find the scary albino St John's twins over me.

Northampton chucking around a blow up doll during the mid-90s inflatable fad.

Bazza running up and down the touch line - chasing the cat?

Walking in a Freedman wonderland.

There are just so many! I could go on all night.
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Re: Underhill Memories

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I remember the cat! I think it was vs Carlisle Utd in 92/93. It wasn't an unlucky omen as we won 2-0 in the end.
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Re: Underhill Memories

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Re: Underhill Memories

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Memories of Underhill, where do I start? Well, the first Underhill I experienced was Underhill infants school at the age of 5. In 1957, when I was 9, my dad became the groundsman at Underhill. Prior to that I had never been there but now I virtually had freedom of the place. I had the biggest back garden in Barnet and probably still hold the record for scoring more goals at Underhill than anyone else. Unfortunately I can’t remember the first match I saw as watching the football was secondary at that time. I used to help my dad on match days get the dressing rooms ready and afterwards cleaned the player’s boots.
In my first season we finished 4th in the Athenian league and reached the semi-finals of the FA amateur cup. I think we were bottom of the league in the previous season. Some players’ names from the first season that I remember were Ron Oddy, the Ridley brothers, the D’Arcy brothers, Reg Finch and Micky Cooper. Most of the team were locals. The following season several young talented players, including Bobby Brown, Tony Harding, Roy Sleap and Bobby Cantwell joined the club and we won the league and narrowly lost to Crook Town at Wembley in the Amateur Cup Final. This is when my love of all things Barnet and Underhill really started. During that cup run we had 4 home ties and the 2nd round match against Willington was amazing. Willington scored straight from the kick off but within 75 seconds we had scored twice to take the lead. The match finished 8-4.
The 9th of January 1965 was another highlight. The 1st third round FA cup match at Underhill. Barnet versus Preston North End, who were the previous season’s runners up. By that time I was a programme seller at Underhill and by the time we finished selling our programmes there was nowhere left for us to watch the match, so someone connected with the club found a bench and put in by the side of the pitch where the home dugout is now and us programme sellers had ringside seats. After going 2-0 down we pulled back to 2 all and eventually lost 3-2 through an unfortunate own goal from our captain Terry Casey.
Obviously I have many more memories of Underhill, most of them good. It will be a very sad day for me tomorrow, but hopefully one day we will return.
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Re: Underhill Memories

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So many but here are a few offerings..........

86-87 Lincoln Keeper Nigel Batch totally missing his kick on the opening day, allowing God to roll it into an empty net in front of the NT for a 4-2 win against the team from the land of the giants.

Keith Alexander tripping over his own feet to win a pen. RIP Trio. Top Bloke.

Hammering Fisher 8-1

Stuart Atkins intercepting a last minute back pass, rounding Andy Pape and burying it for a 2-1 win in front of an absolutely delirious West Bank. This is possibly my favourite, anyone else enjoy the goal celebrations ?
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Re: Underhill Memories

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Being Mascot in 1985 v runcorn walking out with Eddie

Steve Parsons long range goals

Changing ends, waiting to see if we guessed the right end

Wealdstone fans kicking the wooden doors of the turnstiles

Gary bull pen v welling

Minute silence and my family invited onto the pitch for David stokes my uncle

The Westbank

Cracking my head on the east terrace and getting stiched up

Kicking a plastic cup around while my uncle climbed onto the roof of the turnstiles and pulled down the gola league flag
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Re: Underhill Memories

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I just want to say a huge thank you to whoever (Tony H?) arranged to have this played today. It really made my day and having been championing for this to be played for so long, I was so chuffed, brought a tear to my eye. For those that don't know, this music was played regularly at the ground in the early 70's.

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Re: Underhill Memories

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For me so many memories, in fact I could fill pages and pages, here's just a few:
The first game I can actually remember is that Amateur Cup game against Willington, 3 goals in the first five minutes and the Bees winning 8-4. If you ever wanted a reason to carry on going to Underhill this was it.
Players like winger Roy Drake, who always went for the spectacular scissor kick, overhead kick or flying header to score. Reg Finch, who used to fly down the wing, with or without the ball. Then there was the D'Arcy brothers, Alf at the back (hard as nails) and Dennis in midfield. Then you had Bobby Brown up front who couldn't help but score goals.
The Preston game, with the opening of the present main stand. That team was magnificently managed by Dextar Adams, a team that regularly scored over 100 goals every season. Can always remember Roger Figg, when the keeper was drop kicking the ball, running in front and the ball coming off in back or arse into the net. Probably wouldn't get away with it now.
Changing ends at half-time with the banter with the opposition.
Once we had turned semi-pro. Stevenage became the local match for a time, seem to remember a game when they tried to kick the crap out of Paddy Powell and their full-back, Pettigrew eventually got sent-off. As he left the pitch he got smacked by a Bees supporter which nearly caused a riot.
After Dextar Adams and his successor Tommy Coleman left, we struggled for a few seasons and the attendances were so bad that I use to take my old english sheepdog, Boot with me. He use to love the attention (and the biscuits and rolls) and fall asleep on the terraces.
Strangely enough it was through him that I got to meet Tom HIll, who was at that time a director of the club. He regularly brought a biscuit over for Boot.
With Billy Meadows taking over as manager and Dave Underwood as chairman, and players like Marvin Hinton, Bob McNab, Terry Mancini, John Fairbrother and Jimmy Greaves, crowds started to return and poor old Boot had to stay at home. There was a game when a Bees player did a flying Kung fu kick, got sent off and never played another game for the Bees.
When Barry Fry came to Underhill it started a whole new era for him and for me. Tom Hill asked Geoff Richards and myself to do the tannoy when the previous guy didn't turn up and there I stayed for another 30+ years.
Most of you will have heard about the stories about Stan and Baz, you might have thought no, can't be true, but believe me, most of them happened. Fights, arguments, shouting etc. etc. It was nothing unusual for the opposition's officials to be kicked out of the boardroom by Stan after a Bees loss. They use to congregate outside the tannoy room wondering where to go.
Our first game in the Football League will never be forgotten, 7-4 to Crewe, Baz said afterwards 'the circus came to town, and we were the clowns'. Next game, three days later, 5-5 against Brentford. No wonder I had a sore throat, all those goal scorers.
There were so many good players in those days playing great football, Underhill was truly a fortress.
My final memory of the Fry era was his testimonial game, his last guest player was late arriving and Baz had asked me to check to see if he still wanted to play. The game had started and I wondered down to the home dressing room, there was Georgie Best in the Bees strip sitting in the corner with a gorgeous blonde next to him.
For me all fantastic memories, getting to know players, managers, staff and fans. Many, I'm happy to say still friends today.
If I had to pick out just a couple of unforgettable moments, Kenny Lowe with his step-over, please believe me when I say not only did the poor sod trying to get the ball off him going the wrong way, the referee, linesmen and the whole crowd all went the wrong way as well. Probably the best midfield player I've ever seen wearing the black & amber.
And finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention Sir Nicky 'God' Evans, the loveliest, nicest, polite footballer you could ever wish to meet. From his fellow team members he was the bunt of many jokes because of his tan and good looks but they all respected him for his footballing ability. What a man.
To my good friends on the NW Terrace, thanks for letting me back into your fold, I look forward to our next meal. To all other Bee's fans, I wish you well, hopefully we will back to the true home and heart of Barnet in the near future.
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Re: Underhill Memories

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I went to Underhill several times as a kid as my uncle was a season ticket holder.

I've written a blogpost about it, hope some of you find it interesting.

http://franklymrspencer.blogspot.co.uk/ ... rhill.html
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Re: Underhill Memories

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No, I really didn't find it at all interesting.

My abiding memory is getting a snog off girl after she clocked off from the snack bar in main stand. She provided several types of bun that day.
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Re: Underhill Memories

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The game had started and I wondered down to the home dressing room, there was Georgie Best in the Bees strip sitting in the corner with a gorgeous blonde next to him

Are you sure that wasn't Reckless with Nicky Evans ?
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Re: Underhill Memories

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George Best - Tony Hammond aka Reckless.

Most definitely not.

Gorgeous blonde - Nicky Evans aka God.

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Re: Underhill Memories

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Dave sansome hatrick v lincoln city first game of season at home 1987,88!...had to be one of my faves!!.... Any pictures of that game anywhere?
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Re: Underhill Memories

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Supporters hut at top of ground at underhill always used to sell the programmes from when barnet played away and u could pick up programmes from other top games like FACUP finals etc!.... Good old days!
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