General Error message when making posts.

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General Error message when making posts.

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Hi Mikel, (or whoever), every time I make a post, I receive the following message.

General Error
The file ./styles/Septon_Orange/template/bbcode.html is missing.

It then takes me back to my original message text as if the message hasn't posted, but it has actually posted and I need to go backwards and then refresh and there it is.

It could be because I am using the closest colour to amber I could find as a colour and this is no longer supported, or it could be something else. I used to be able to use this colour without an issue.

Anyway, it's no biggy. I can still use the forum. Just a little annoying.


Interestingly, when I made this post I didn't get the error message which was the first time in ages I hadn't. Maybe that means that the issue is restricted to just the General Barnet Chat forum.
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Re: General Error message when making posts.

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Hi Jimbo

Cheers for flagging this up. Have been able to replicate the issue and will look into it.
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