What is going on??

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What is going on??

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Hey guys

I don’t usually air my views like this but I am absolutely fuming at the shambles this club has looked today.

As a bee for many years I don’t expect much. Barnet fans often get labelled as major complainers and I don’t feel I’d put myself in that category as such but today I will willingly put myself in as I cannot believe the utter rubbish that has happened today.

Admittedly I came a few mins late to the initial start of the game and managed to get a pint but for the many that didn’t, can only imagine the annoyance it caused after queuing with the half hr delay. Apparently spurs Arsenal wasn’t showing on the tv before, the bar was a shambles yet again (at no fault of the bar staff who have to deal with rubbish themselves)

Then the game

Admittedly I barely watched much of the game so won’t comment on individual performances apart from the two silly yellows I saw of collinge (Who I like usually). Yes a red was harsh overall but no sympathy as he landed himself in trouble with the second by not taking control of the situation.
5-0 is unacceptable and Dean has to take accountability for the shambles we found ourselves in.

Hoping for a bit of enthusiasm with the pre match interview is what caused this post as I cannot believe that it’s actually been uploaded!

Our manager and the media guy having rows is one thing, but the choice of not cutting it out or deleting it is absolutely mind boggling!
Didn’t like the way dean antagonised the situation and should have left it at his answer but the choice to upload it just frustrates me to no end, maybe I’m being OTT but just can’t believe that this has happened to top off the day

I’ll calm down with a sore head tomorrow but hope everyone can appreciate the frustration and I feel sorry for anyone that endured that 90 mins of football after another awful day off the field too

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