Notes of meeting with the Chairman 17th April 2018

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Notes of meeting with the Chairman 17th April 2018

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Questions were developed from within the SLG and every question the group could identify on this message board:

1. Away coaches to ‘big’ games e.g. Morecambe if game is a ‘must win’

Many have already booked trains etc. to this game so probably not viable for this match. Future ‘big’ games need 50 to show interest and pay upfront to show the coach will not lose money. Past experience has not been favourable.

2. Q&A with MA

Yes if this is what supporters want, perhaps a joint MA/AAK event

3. AAK to meet supporters?

The Chairman has made it clear he is always willing to meet supporters and asked why 50 do not show for SLG meetings. The next meeting will be planned on this basis.

4. Player of the Year event and vote for end of season awards

Little to show a POTY event would be supported this year.

5. Catering

• Price of separate items of food (e.g portion of chips £4.00)

£7 for a burger and £3 for chips is the correct price and can be purchased separately. The Chairman will ensure this is followed. The new Pecking Order menu has reduced losses from £225,000 to £100,000. Less complex dishes and reduced waste.

• South stand and Bar 66 for home supporters if we are relegated? (when visiting clubs are poorly supported)

Rules for strict segregation of visiting supporters mean this is not possible within the current stadium lay out. Changes to away seating is largely under control of the police.

• A better central bar replacing that lost when the Pecking Order was opened?

Not really practical when the Legends Bar was developed to replace the central bar. Changes to Legends Bar are to proceed which is likely to include a false ceiling like Bar ‘66

• Match day bar service.

The SLG has discussed this many times. Half time pre-poured beer previously agreed but dependent upon ever changing bar staff. Cold coffee for early arrivals not good enough when staff fail to switch on the urn in good time. Both will again be followed up by the Club.

6. Garden of memory at The Hive (noting Churchills the undertaker state in programme they can arrange for ashes to be scattered at The Hive)

Under active consideration. Planning approval will be needed.

7. Cash turnstile at ‘home’ entrance

Cash is taken at the ticket office. Not practical at turnstiles

8. Updates on status of new developments

Planning is proving tortuous with the upcoming local elections slowing the process

9. Ex-players to be interviewed when they visit The Hive

This will be looked at but half empty stadium at half time not ideal. Live video on bar screens to be considered or to screen or iFollow.

10. Ticket office – Barnet FC and The Hive, London?

Differing tickets for London Bees and BFC not practical. Over printing with the event already takes place. London Bees consider themselves a pro club with equal status to BFC.

11. Community spirit – Do we have a Marketing Manager who would meet with supporters for their ideas to raise our image in the local community.

This will be looked into to see if community spirit can be improved this way.

12. Can members of the senior management team be more visible on match days?

Yes during the discussion, it was stressed James Thorne is the Club Chief operating Officer with 400 employees to manage. James is not the Head of Football.

13. Affordable sponsorships

Next season £90 to sponsor a player with a signed photo and your name in every programme

14. Season tickets as an option to monthly membership

Little support for this as most prefer to pay monthly and not 12 months upfront. Annual cost would be the same. 12 monthly payments are for admin. convenience 10 or 11 would result in a higher monthly charge. Cost of running pro-football clubs is increasing well ahead of inflation. National League will not make a major impact on running costs.

15. Bus and not a coach shuttle from Underhill

It was not envisaged a bus would be substantially cheaper than a coach if at all.

16. South Stand bar?

Marquees are expensive and when used before resulted in a substantial loss. A new stand would incorporate a bar.

17. Supporters room (not for drinking or food)

The point of this was not understood

18. Away game tickets

No appetite to sell away match tickets. Selling clubs take a commission. Away supporters generally found no problem purchasing tickets from the away venue

19. Whitchurch Lane Path Lighting

The council will only allow waist height lights which are regularly vandalised. Strengthening the posts with steel collars has not worked. Permission for a few higher-level lights is being sought.