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Postby Moonchild_Bee » 07 Oct 2014, 11:07

Updated our list of current & ex-players. Stuck @barnetfc & @barnet_bee on the 'current players' list if you want to follow so you have a clutter free way of following tonights game on twitter.

Let me know if i've missed anyone.

Re: Barnet Twitter Feeds

Postby Moonchild_Bee » 03 Feb 2015, 10:03

Updated the lists to add Conor Clifford, remove Hunt to 'ex-players'.

Although I don't update the first page of this thread as it's too tedious, I try and keep the 'Current Players' and 'Ex-players' lists up to date, so worth having a gander & signing up to. Maybe in the off season we'll add a 'Barnet Fans' List as well.

Also, if you're 'watching' a game on twitter, the 'Current Players' List has Barnet Bee and Barnet FC's official feed (Tom Clee I presume) - and they have the best updates on Barnet games so the list is the best way of following the team.

Sign up, sign up!

And of course, please do let me know if i've missed anyone. Paolo Vernazza & Anwar Uddin are two ex-bees that appear to have joined twitter recently.

Re: Barnet Twitter Feeds

Postby Moonchild_Bee » 11 Jul 2015, 10:43

I've updated the lists part of this on the @OnlyBarnet feeds if you just want to follow current and ex players:

I've added Barnet Bee & Barnet FC official to the first if you want to use it to follow games lives on twitter.

I'm not updating the first post on this thread as all those people are on the above lists. However for some people with private profiles (like KMB) you will only see what they post if you are following them, or someone posts their numpty comments on here.

Did think about making a Barnet FC Fans list - but can't be bothered. Does anyone know if it's possible to create a list that people can add themselves to?


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