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“On the big fiddle for a good cause” (Coronavirus)

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2020, 08:38
by daib0
Resistiré (‘I will resist’) - FOR 2 CELLOS !

Made as big thanks to all the workers of the Spanish national healthcare system, and to all those people who are giving their all in this fight against coronavirus. Equally I hope it can be a message of support for the British National Health system.
Strength to everybody - and especially to all those people infected with this cruel virus.

We offer this transcription of cello duo recorded at distance - any possible benefit would go entirely to the Madrid Public Health System. This has become the nationally chosen Spanish 'resistance' song during the 2020 coronavirus epidemic. Originally from the pop group "Dynamic Duo", Johnstone has adapted it for 2 cellos.

Please help the cause by sharing this freely please!