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Postby ricardobee » 21 Nov 2019, 15:38

The wife received an e-mail this week purporting to come from Apple saying we had a virus on our home computer, the following morning she had a phone call saying they were from Apple and were going to cure said virus free of charge. After going through numerous functions they took over the control of our computer and then asked for £99 to return it to our control saying it normally costs £200 to £300. Whilst she was arguing with these scammers I phoned up Apple who said they had nothing to do with these scammers. They put us on to Apple engineers who overrode these bastards and returned its use back to us free of charge. The only problem was that we had to change all of our passwords, which are numerous.
So beware all of you on this site, Apple said if you do receive such an e-mail check with them first. I notified the police fraud squad and apparently this is a common occurrence.
Thanks to the adjudicator for re-connecting me, some might disagree, it took a few goes but we got there.
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