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PFYC England Historical record

Postby torontobee » 26 Jul 2015, 16:38

Below is as complete a record of PFYC England as likely exists. This "new" version started in 2009/10 and ran until the site was closed after the end of the 2014/15 season, when the new owners lost the ability / interest to load fixtures for a new season.

Barnet were unbeaten in this version, winning L2 with maximum points in each of the first four seasons of the game. When the team on the grass were relegated in 2013, other teams in L2 took the chance to win a title.


2009-10 Tables.jpg


2010-11 Tables.jpg


2011-12 Tables.jpg


2012-13 Tables.jpg


2013-14 Tables.jpg


2014-15 Tables.jpg
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Re: Past PFYC England Final Tables

Postby torontobee » 28 Dec 2017, 20:28

Attached here is the record I have of all individual game results in PFYC England from 2009-2014. (multiple tabs on attached spreadsheets, one spreadsheet per season).

Due to the nature of how things were captured (i.e. cut and paste from posts that lasted only temporarily after the end of a game and were then lost forever) these results are not fully complete, but are probably the best / only remaining record of many, many hours spent on PFYC in what became known as the "new version".

As Barnet did not participate in 2014-15 I do not have a record of specific results from that season, which proved to be the last of any version of PFYC. But the final tables from that season are posted above.
english_1314_ results (Autosaved).xls
Detailed results - PFYC England - 13/14
(464 KiB) Downloaded 531 times
english_1213_ results v1.xls
Detailed results - PFYC England - 12/13
(287 KiB) Downloaded 554 times
english_1112_ results.xls
Detailed results - PFYC England - 11/12
(245 KiB) Downloaded 518 times
english_1011_ results.xls
Detailed results - PFYC England - 10/11
(316.5 KiB) Downloaded 573 times
english_0910_ results.xls
Detailed results - PFYC England - 09/10
(233.5 KiB) Downloaded 530 times
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