Action against Notts County...

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Action against Notts County...

Postby kingpinfid » 19 Apr 2011, 14:44

I must say that I'm very pleased that BFC is trying to take action against Notts County.

Stealing an under contract Allen (or at least turning his head inappropriately) is likely to result in our relegation from League Two. Therefore Notts County should pay us compensation for that loss, which could extend to millions.

The club should also take action against Martin "Mad Weasel" Allen. If you sign or agree to a contract, you should honour that contract. A gentleman would do so. Obviously Martin "Judas" Allen is no gentleman.
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby LoringBee » 19 Apr 2011, 15:06

The article on our website just goes to show than Allen's claim that Notts County were offering him the job security that Barnet weren't is a lie. So was County's claim that he didn't have a contract with Barnet. I've also heard that Allen first had contact with Notts County on the Friday before the Crewe game, which if true means all the stuff about getting a surprise phone call during his Sunday lunch was also untrue. County and Allen deserve each other IMO.
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby Dreamy » 19 Apr 2011, 15:13

Where TK says "6 figure living" does he mean 6 figure wage?
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby Jon83 » 19 Apr 2011, 15:22

I am glad that Barnet have gone public with this as Allen has definitely put his side of the story across whenever possible!

Allen has tried to come out of this looking like your 'average man', having to pay council tax, university fees etc and that Notts County offerred him a long term contract however this article shows that we offerred him a long term contract, on decent money for your 'average man' that would have 'secured' his immediate future.

Allen in an article said he had not been paid - this shows that he was.

I think it was TK who initially let it slip, perhaps on Sky/BBC, that Allen was approached the night before the Crewe game - this also makes a mockery of Allen sitting their having his Sunday lunch and receiving a call from them.

I hope Notts County get relegated.
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby barnetpete » 19 Apr 2011, 16:28

Fair play to the Club, Tony has to protect the Club and show just because we are 'little old barnet' we wont be walked over. I hope that it won't distract from the main issue though which is survival.

In addition I hope that as little be said about that egotistical man and wish he would leave the club alone now he has left, don't want any more of his drivel about 'sorting out training grounds' (which is apparantly stretching the truth - his involvement was very minimal), 'being on the end of a phone for Graz' etc....wish he would just leave us alone and let us get on with it.
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby Mikel Bee » 19 Apr 2011, 16:38

I am also glad the club are taking this further. As a matter of principle, contracts should not be allowed to be breached in this way and bigger clubs should not be allowed to poach. I'd imagine the credibility of TK's claims are boosted by his senior position on the FL board.

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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby BEE428 » 19 Apr 2011, 16:45

I hope TK takes Notts and mad weasel to cleaners. I suspected at the back of my mind that his last minute public fire fighting tactics was characteristic Allen lies. And if Tranmere win tonight it back to washing cars. He had a chance and hes completely blown it!
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby Jimbokav1971 » 19 Apr 2011, 17:05

While I think that Allen was *wrong*, (edited to become forum friendly), to go in the way that he did, (if not only because it was the 2nd time around), and I also think that Notts County were wrong to initiate contact without asking us first while he was still under contract, (even albeit a very short contract), isn't that just the very nature of football?

Players instigate moves to bigger and better clubs the whole time, (we have our own history with players leaving us and going on to play at a higher level), and managers and players and even backroom staff are poached on just a daily basis. It sadly has become just the norm in football.

When a club has succesfully brought a case against another club in terms of "tapping up", then the fines are usually monetary and related to the length/value of the contract and not in any way linked to the financial losses that the old club incurred as a result of the transfer. The reality is that while I also applaud this action, (and to be honest just the fact that we as a club are not willing to let him to continue to lie and lie and lie), we should all be aware that any financial copensation we receive is likely to be tiny as the contract in question that was broken was both short in term and small in value.

It is the principal of the thing more than anything else and to be honest, while Notts County might fall fould of FA action in this respect, it will do us no good as the compensation we will receive will be tiny, (by any standards).

Now that the club has made this statement I think they/we should just get on with it and see if we can stay in this league to wipe that sarky smile off his face at the beginning of next season, (just before he gets sacked).
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby wonderbee » 19 Apr 2011, 17:12

Dreamy wrote:Where TK says "6 figure living" does he mean 6 figure wage?

I assume he meant a 6 figure take home salary (post tax).

Mikel Bee wrote:The mad dog has started biting on twitter. :roll:

I stopped following him after he left, but then when I saw how easy he was to wind up, I had to start again. It's reading like a tourettes sufferer at the moment...

Shouldn't he really be trying to get a team out of relegation rather than swearing at randomers on the internet? It wouldn't suprise me if NCFC make him shut it down, or at the very least shut the hell up.

As for the news itself, I think it's more about the principle to be honest, as I don't believe we'll get a lot of compensation for the loss of 5 games service. But it's still the right thing to do.
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby becbee » 19 Apr 2011, 17:39

I don't see we'll get much out of it in monetary terms but I'm still pleased we're doing it? Why should Notts Co think they can ride roughshod over a fellow club? Even if all it does is ruffle some feathers it'll at least show Notts Co and MA that we're not the simple easy touch that they assumed we were. Well done TK.

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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby LoringBee » 19 Apr 2011, 18:02

Some of the stuff he's said to Barnet fans on Twitter when they've just been trying to point out the, shall we say, "inconsistencies" in some of his stories, shows just what kind of a man he is TBH. It seems he hasn't just left us in the lurch but has lied about what actually happened and about his reasons for doing so. Anyway, he's not going to admit to that so time to move on and forget him I reckon. It's the good people that deserve to do well; he doesn't fall into that category as far as I'm concerned but Graz does. Onwards and (hopefully) upwards.
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby letchbee94 » 19 Apr 2011, 19:50

Hope we take Notts to the cleaners, hate that club.
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby jonbonbaby » 20 Apr 2011, 08:05

hes reacting because he knows he has done wrong (again) and now being found out
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby Hiveoccupier » 20 Apr 2011, 16:26

I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up paying them for taking a dangerous liability off our hands.
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Re: Action against Notts County...

Postby Monsieur Abeille » 21 Apr 2011, 10:21

However much we get it will be scant reward if we go down, and Notts will regard it as worth every penny if they stay up.

Just go to pray that neither of those situations happen.
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