Southam to take more of a back seat?

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Re: Southam to take more of a back seat?

Postby kingpinfid » 19 Apr 2011, 11:58

We have a lot of young and/or inexperienced players though, so having the likes of Uddin and Southam guiding them will be vital.

As for mixed messages, I doubt that either Uddin or Southam would have had the length of careers they've had if they made a habit of contradicting their managers.

Like it or not, we have alot of players who drift off into a daze or walk about aimlessly unless they are being given constant instructions. The performance against Crewe proved that this team needs constant encouragement to stay focussed and work hard. With Allen, Uddin and Southam all shouting instructions even McLeod managed to chase the ball down!
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Re: Southam to take more of a back seat?

Postby Jimbokav1971 » 19 Apr 2011, 12:11

At this level it seems to me that a lot of what individual players are missing, often seems to be mental attributes rather than physical ones or whether they can dribble or shoot or pass or tackle to a certain level.

Concentration is an obvious achilles heel for many of our players, as it seems is self-belief. On a more general note, consistant decision making, (when and when not to do certain things in the game), is often what seperates lower league players from the big boys.

If concentration and self-belief can be improved by a vocal motivator then I'm all for it.

Some players respond well to "chat" from the sideline, however others completely block it out and others get annoyed/upset by it. If it is directed in the right way at the right players in the right situation then it can be a uselful tool.
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