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Re: Entertainment

Postby Golf Delta » 09 Mar 2011, 23:00

I think I'd have Fraser Toms rather than Tom Fraser in the side, even if it is just for comedy value.
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Re: Entertainment

Postby hobbitbee » 09 Mar 2011, 23:18

And he did score the occassional cracker like against Dagenham in 2001/02 with a terrific shot from outside the penalty area. What could he have been like if he hadn't broken his leg????????
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Re: Entertainment

Postby wonderbee » 10 Mar 2011, 00:11

hobbitbee wrote:Actually thinking about it I'd rather have Frazer than Taylor and Tommy Fraser (such an ironic name). I certainly don't want us to go down and it hasn't all been bad since we came up, parts of seasons have been ok, but I don't think it would be so very bad either.

Good god, I'd never thought about that before. Reminds me of Fulham signing Collins John a couple of years after sigining the scottish international John Collins. You know things are getting desperate when you feel all misty-eyed about Fraser bloody Toms. But I digress...

As depressing as it all is at the moment, I don't think relegation will be the solution to all of our problems either. I'll be incredibly disappointed if we do go down, especially looking at clubs like Macclesfield, Accrington and (in particular) Dagenham cement themselves in the Football League, where treading water is is good as it's got for the majority of our spell in the league (and certainly the last 3 seasons).
We had instances of sub 1,000 attendances when in the conference (which we've never really come close to in the league), so there's nothing to say they won't stagnate further.

And Grimsby again? Really?
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Re: Entertainment

Postby GRH » 12 Mar 2011, 14:54

There wasn't much that was enjoyable about our first two years back in the conference, save a short spell under Shreeves. Whilst it is understandable to look for things to cushion the blow should relegation come, I'm not entirely convinced we'll have a lot more entertainment.
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Re: Entertainment

Postby Hiveoccupier » 13 Mar 2011, 02:12

Although I will probably succumb I can't stand the thought of visiting Forest Green, Hayes & Yeading et al and hoping that I can get a copy of the Non League paper from somewhere every week. The mere fact that we won't be in the Carling Cup and have to qualify to get into the first round of the FA Cup is painful enough without having to delude myself that I could prefer challenging for the promotion in the Conference is better than fighting it out in League 2 - even if we came straight back up as runaway entertaining champions it will feel like a year wasted.
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Re: Entertainment

Postby kingpinfid » 13 Mar 2011, 02:25

What's the alternative? Stay up on the last day of the season again and then battle relegation most of next season yet again!

Without new ownership/investment, this club cannot progress in League Two - not even to mount a meaningful playoff challenge. So what is the point in existing just to battle relegation every year? The fact is that our average gate is circa 20% down on our Conference winning season and our first year back in League Two. So clearly some supporters are turned off by year after year of bad football and losing.
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Re: Entertainment

Postby barnetpete » 13 Mar 2011, 06:48

The point of this thread though, whether we stay up or down, still remains, if Barnet is to get out of this rut that it appears to be in and create some entertainment, I return to my point that we need some characters and the club needs a shake up.
We are a small club that lives within its means, TK is unwilling to overspend to compete with the big boys in this league, but that doesn't mean we have to aim to struggle, Daggers did well and continue in League 1 to do well this season (for them) by having an us v them attitude that John Still appears to have created. Jonh and some of the players like Tony Roberts are 'characters' within football, and that is what is severly missing at Underhill at the moment.
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