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Final April blog

Postby tonbridgebee » 29 Apr 2020, 20:30

Before I get onto that some thank you's!

So far the video from Saturday with Martin Allen has been viewed over 1200 times, something I'm absolutely staggered at. I didn't really have a figure in mind at all, but thank you if you've viewed it and if you haven't I'll apologise as it's three hours long!

Blogging has been just as crazy! For the first time ever I've had over 1000 visitors in a calendar month. Bear in mind thats unique visitors per day, so if someone visits five times in a day only the first one counts so that is some traffic, once again thank you for reading without that there are no visitors!

Final one for this month features the first of a new series, former Bees striker Ben Strevens pick the best eleven players from his career which spans just over 600 games so you can imagine the players he could choose from. Anyway, have a look see what you think and there are at least a couple more to come from a few others:

PS There could be a few more video interviews to come, keep your eyes peeled!
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