Yeovil Town (Hive) The Power of Glove Match Thread

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Re: Yeovil Town (Hive) The Power of Glove Match Thread

Postby edgeog » 05 Aug 2019, 17:14

Shmulib100 wrote:Any sign of highlight videos anywhere?

I found highlights on youtube from Yeovil tv
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Re: Yeovil Town (Hive) The Power of Glove Match Thread

Postby rudebwoyben » 05 Aug 2019, 17:36

Shmulib100 wrote:Any sign of highlight videos anywhere?

The club posted the highlights as well as a general match day video on YouTube earlier today.
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Re: Yeovil Town (Hive) The Power of Glove Match Thread

Postby Shmulib100 » 05 Aug 2019, 20:57

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Re: Yeovil Town (Hive) The Power of Glove Match Thread

Postby Mr Smart » 06 Aug 2019, 07:09

Beeznizz wrote:
Mr Smart wrote:
Beeznizz wrote:First game of the season and I was pretty upbeat afterwards. Not with just the 3pts ( always good to win your 1st game at home in a new season), but the fact that key players were missing and the ones that were carrying knocks/niggles declared themselves fit and managed to play well!
Santos, Alexander, J Taylor and Dunne, who wasn’t injured, but had only trained a few days prior, all played well!
Testament to the fact they want to play for and understand what’s needed under DC & the management team’s ethics.

My ratings:

Loach ..7..A few saves early on & an incredible one near the end from Murphy’s free kick. Very impressed with his communication to those in front of him! Came for balls in the air to calm things down & distribution was good, particularly finding the right option, whether it be long or played out short to start play from the back.

Alexander..7..One of those players injured pre season & thought would miss this game. I have said before that he had bulked up and did very well in the pre season games. Did very well. Defensively solid and recovery was excellent especially on the cover last man.
Some great crosses and knew when to play or clear his lines.

Tutonda..7..When DT is on his game ( especially defensively ), he’s arguably the best of the 3 LB’s we have at the club. Healthy competition between him and Johnson on that side. Defensively on point, breaking up much of the play, particularly in the 1st half down his side and drove forward causing problems breaking through the lines. Worked well with Sparkes.

Santos..9..MotM.. Excellent! Won everything in the air, positioning was spot on & worked well with both Alexander & Reynolds. Loved the way he dominated Murphy! A bit worrying with the knock he took and would be surprised if he was risked on Tuesday!

Reynolds..9..Like his central defensive partner, he was excellent. Positioning was very good and always on hand to receive the ball & play with good purpose! Marshalled his side & worked well with Tutonda.

Note: The back five will obviously have more sterner tests to come, but I see the makings of a very good solid and stubborn defence, that will mix it up and have good technique and pace going forward too.

Dunne..6... Not really had a pre season, but he put himself about once he got to grips with the pace of the game. An experienced head in the midfield that’ll break up play and play simple. I’d like to think J Taylor will thrive working with him this season.

H Taylor..6..Started slowly & like Dunne got to grips with pace of the game after around 20 mins. He looks a lot fitter and never stopped running.

J Taylor..7..We all now what Jack brings to this team. He was full of running and always looking to drive forward breaking the lines or spreading the play.

Elito..7..Looked sharp & was the player who dictated a lot of our play. Did dither at times or tried to beat too many players, but some of his play to get out of trouble in tight areas and set off attacks was good. Is he left or right footed?

Sparkes..8.. A really good performance. Was aggressive on the left wing & put in some very good deliveries ( oh for a number 9 ).One of which Akinola should’ve put away. Consistent performances like that in the future & hopefully he’ll start to win over some of the detractors.

Akinola..8..Was asked to play up top and credit to him, he ran his socks off. Sim could’ve had a hat trick with some of the chances he had with one in particular that went straight to the keeper. Couldn’t fault his efforts at all.


Mason-Clarke..5..Added a bit of energy, but to me, still looked a bit laboured.
Shaq..4..Didn’t really get going. Another that didn’t look fit

Don’t know whether the players were in on Sunday, but think that some would need to be assessed and decisions made on who can play on Sutton’s terrible surface on Tuesday.

To me our CMs deserve a better score and Elito fairly quiet.

Will have to agree Mr Smart. I was clouded by the first twenty mins where I thought we didn’t seem to win second balls centrally enough! I did say that both got to grips with play and pace of the game. Agreed though! Sorry!

Midfield was pretty redundant in that first 20 mins. Yeovil were really direct and we were just whacking it back!
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