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Postby Ajtheone04 » 30 Mar 2020, 14:55

Mikel Bee wrote:
BEEGONE wrote:
Mikel Bee wrote:
hoppy wrote:I've not seen any recent updates from the Club regarding the building of the new South Stand, so is it safe to assume that this will not be happening this close season?
I know many fans are against a new South Stand on the basis of cost, but I understand that there were plans for creating leisure facilities underneath the Stand which would provide an income from hiring out.
Does anyone know whether the plans were ever agreed by Harrow Council and, if so, whether there is a time limit on the building of it?

Going from what is on Harrow's website, the plans were agreed but there were some issues regarding trees and landscaping around THL which needed to be agreed by Harrow Council towards the end of 2019. The council wanted the club to hold off building the stand until changes to the landscaping details had been submitted and that's the last that seems to have happened. The club may have since been working on amending the plans but I suspect with everything going on right now it has been put on the back burner.

Any views of what it will look like?

Is it all seater?
Plans are for it to be identical to the North Stand and the East becoming entirely terracing. While the North Stand was to be extended back to host indoor sports facilities such as badminton courts and a basketball court with spectator seating.

If the east one is the one i think it is (same side as the dug outs) how are they going to convert that to terracing
I know it may seem a bit far fetched for a club of our size but I think that a tiered south stand with terraced bottom and seated top would be cool
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Re: South Stand

Postby Tuesds » 30 Mar 2020, 19:11

Ajtheone04 wrote:If the east one is the one i think it is (same side as the dug outs) how are they going to convert that to terracing

I think the plans referred to a ‘reprofiled’ East Stand with terracing in place of seats. My layperson’s guess was that this meant that they don’t simply plan to take the seats off and invite people to stand on the steps below, but that they would change the gradient to make it suitable for standing.

Here are the plans as they were posted on the club’s website some time ago - not sure if any amendments have been made in the intervening period: ... awings.pdf
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