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Postby becbee » 01 Mar 2019, 17:23

ETBee wrote:Blimey. If the Barrow fans are complaining about the Hive I can't imagine what they would say/have said when they visit Solihull!

They probably prefer Solihull as being a couple of hours closer than The Hive is.

To be honest, if I travelled for over 5 hours for an away match, I'd at least want a good view of the match itself - which they'll get from the away stand.
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Re: South Stand

Postby lemming3k » 01 Mar 2019, 23:35

Like it or not and regardless of what most fans prefer, seats command higher prices. The North stand is fully seated, has fantastic views, and is brand new with very good facilities. It is in no way comparable to the South and any reasonable fan will see how blatantly obvious the difference is when they arrive.

£20 is pretty much spot on and fully comparable to other clubs pricing structures, more so considering what Barrow and many other clubs charge (both home and away) fans for low quality terracing with poor views and barely a pot to piss in.
Yes, home fans get a very good deal to see a game for £10 when you'd expect to pay £17 or so and it is a big difference, but that doesn't make the away end overpriced and the club are entitled to offer home fans a discount if they desire, it comes out of our budget after all. I'm certain we aren't the only club to ever do that and it's probably partly in response to the poor decision to increase prices at the start of the season.
Enjoy it while it lasts as when the new stand goes up we will no doubt pay the same price as away fans, and that will also be entirely correct.

If Barrow fans feel ripped off, I'd suggest a visit to Borehamwood so they can see what they get for their £20 there! Quite frankly we probably have the best priced away facilities in the league, but you can't please everyone.
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