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Hive Box - Good Practice

PostPosted: 28 Dec 2016, 17:40
by Hiveoccupier
If there is a meeting with TK in the near future please can one of the Liaison Group make the suggestion that the Hive Box Office is taught how to set up an answerphone with an out of office message on it.

Despite a very chirpy recorded message saying how the Hive was open all hours 7 days a week It took me 12 phone calls today to get through to someone in the box office who then said they were just opening the shop (at 2.55pm), the tills weren't open to allow them to take payment for tickets to the Luton away game, and could I call back later.

When combined with the absence of any mention of box office opening times during Xmas New Year period on the relevant part of the Club's website this sort of situation is guaranteed to hack people off and waste their time (as it did for me today).

It is really basic stuff and takes no time at all to get right.