Truly Great Time Wasting Websites

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Truly Great Time Wasting Websites

Postby Moonchild_Bee » 02 Mar 2013, 12:44

A new one - what amazing landscapes can Jim paint, on Paint:

I love this!

Dear Jim,

Please paint me Anthony Worrall Thompson making an absolutely pathetic attempt at shoplifting in Pets at Home. He’s trying to conceal a fishtank under his jumper, a pair of love birds in his Nike bum-bag and there are gerbils spilling out of his pockets. His poorly thought through disguise consists only of a beard fashioned from orange coloured hamster bedding. His expression should reflect a sense of exasperation at his own stupidity as he realises that he already had a real beard of the exact same colour to begin with.


Dave Rankin


Re: Truly Great Time Wasting Websites

Postby South_Belfast_Bee » 05 Mar 2013, 17:20

That takes some vivid imagination to come up with that request!
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Re: Truly Great Time Wasting Websites

Postby Mikel Bee » 10 Mar 2013, 23:04

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