Karl Oyston Step Down – HELP the Petition

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Karl Oyston Step Down – HELP the Petition

Postby daib0 » 29 Dec 2014, 14:27

I’m happy to forward this to you all – I believe fans should help each other for the benefit of all. I’m a Reading fan, as many of you know, but I write regularly on many different forums, and feel that I know the ins-and-outs of many. I also help to organize inter-forum games and competitions.

Right now the overwhelming majority of Blackpool fans need YOU to sign their big petition - please help! The following should help to explain everything. If you still feel you need more info as good as any: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Oyston

from Blackpool Supporters Trust

Hi All,

Any assistance that you can give in supporting our petition would be greatly appreciated. You may already have heard, but our club chairman Karl Oyston has been in the press this week for insulting a fan by text. The press has focused on the use of language which could be considered offensive including use of the term "Retard" and the comment "Enjoy your special needs day out", which have been widely condemned, due to the offence it may cause to the disabled, their families and indeed decent society. Football is supposed to be inclusive and clearly the use of such language cannot be tolerated.

However Oyston has not only insulted those with disabilities, he also appears to believe that normal everyday working people are also somehow beneath him and in doing so has widely insulted football fans across the country.

Here is one example of a text sent to a Blackpool fan by Karl Oyston...

"So let me get this straight, you think that despite knowing and being friendly with other chairman in the FL and PL, venture capitalists, bankers, entrepeneurs, very successful businessmen, government ministers, MP's and a whole host of notable worthies, that I should single out a fat flaccid painter and decorator/consultant whose crowning achievment is taking his poor family on holiday to Orlando for three torturous weeks a year? really? I suggest you slip discreetly back into whatever foul pond you emerged from. Crack on as I am enjoying myself. you are on toast and are too simple to realise it. In fact you have cheered me up no end and made me realise I am right to completely ignore the influential fans so cheers." Karl Oyston.

Karl Oyston is, as you may be aware, also on the Football League Board and therefore has an influential role in the decisions that may affect your football club. We firmly believe there is no place in football for anyone with such a dismissive attitude towards us, the fans.
Blackpool Fans also believe that Oyston should be removed from his position on the Football League board.


Club President Valeri Belokon has called upon all Blackpool fans to support a petition for Club Chairman Karl Oyston to step down from his position with immediate effect.

Blackpool Supporters Trust would ask that our members , Blackpool fans and indeed all in the football community support Mr Belokons request and sign the attached petition that requests that Mr Karl Oyston step down from any position of influence in Blackpool FC immediately. This petition will be submitted to the FA and Football League as well as to Blackpool Football Club owner Mr Owen Oyston.

As many fans will be aware, Karl Oyston has recently been in the national and local media, having engaged in a series of abusive text exchanges with Blackpool supporters, which has further sullied the good name of Blackpool FC through association.

The attitude displayed by Mr Oyston, not only in regard to the unacceptable references to disabilities and ' special needs ' but in his general attitude towards hard working Blackpool fans in general makes him in our view unsuitable to hold a position of influence within our famous community football club.

For some time the relationship between Club and its fans has been strained and it is our firm belief that many of these issues are a direct result of Karl Oyston and his confrontational approach to the fan base. This latest outburst from Mr Oyston is simply a very public demonstration of an attitude that as has no place on football and decent society and which in addition has had a negative impact on relations between Karl Oyston and numerous managers , board members , members of the Press , players , fans and of course, Mr Belokon himself. When one individual manages to sour relations with so many other people, then the source of the problem becomes patently obvious. Karl Oyston seems incapable of managing everyday relationships without conflict and that cannot be good for Blackpool Football Club.

The time has come for Blackpool Football Club to move on into a new era of cooperation between Club and its fans and the wider community and for us to build upon the success that Valeri Belokon's substantial investment had brought about. Blackpool Supporters Trust call upon Mr Owen Oyston to remove Karl Oyston from any position of influence with immediate effect and re-establish a working relationship with Valeri Belokon, with a view to making positive progress, placing football first, investing properly for the success of the team and to start treating the fans and community of Blackpool with the respect that they deserve from the ambassador of our historic club.

Please sign the online petition detailing your full name & email address, together with any comments that you feel are relevant.

Sign Petition HERE

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Re: Karl Oyston Step Down – HELP the Petition

Postby daib0 » 30 Dec 2014, 13:48

now nearly 5,700 signed ...
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