Wayne Rooney

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Wayne Rooney

Postby hoofer2 » 09 May 2013, 15:47

What a big time Charlie. RVP has highlighted this season how Wayne Rooney has diminished as a player.
He needs to knuckle down and not throw his toys out the pram. He has never been a talisman for England yet
England managers seem to stick with him out of laziness. Sir Alex time and time again has shown strong management.
If you are not good enough for his teams he will not play you.

Can you imagine how he would cope at a French, Italian or Spanish speaking club? He will be on first plane home.
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Re: Wayne Rooney

Postby WeStillBelieve » 09 May 2013, 18:32

I think he will stay in England. His smoking addiction has not helped one bit and as I have noticed he has become a much more 'plumpier' lad!

RVP is the carbon opposite, a hard working striker who makes his presence known with his impressive goals tally!
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Re: Wayne Rooney

Postby Mikel Bee » 10 May 2013, 12:18

Didn't the tribunal get a bit bloody when Rooney left Everton? He probably doesn't fancy working under Moyes again.
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